Restaurant Service Industry

It’s not just about food

The transformation going on in the quick service restaurant industry “A recent Article in Digital Signage Today stated those deploying Digital Signage experienced a rapid ROI on the investment and….”the sales boost experienced by those restaurants, .. ranges anywhere between 10 and 50 percent”.Digital signage and deployment of self-ordering kiosks are the differentiating factors in the QSR industry in the new millennium. And it is rapidly becoming the norm. Fast food restaurants are not only deploying compelling in-premise experience through different omni-channels to improve customer experience, they are also leveraging mobile ordering to fast track sales and upscale their market share.

The business benefits of going digital:

  • Speed to Market turnaround of marketing campaigns
  • Enables Day Parting – Breakfast Menu, Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu
  • Meeting Food Compliancy Regulations ie: Digital menu boards allow you to easily display these, eliminating the cost to reprint all your menus
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Upsell Higher Margin items
  • Digital is greener “Reduction of Printed Material”
  • Consistency on the Branding

In2Digital are currently rolling out nationally Digital Menu Boards across the concept eight brands – Noodlebox, Wok in a Box, Patty Smiths and Supreme leader brands.

In2digital as the systems integrator deliver a turnkey solution from digital displays, Content Management System, Project services and content creation/animation services.

Digital Signage

A Picture is worth a 1000 words
not to mention increased margin

Customers prefer a dynamic menu board to a static board that may not offer relevant and up to date information.Digital menu boards influence customers’ appetite and desire to buy. A study conducted by the University of Munich indicated that digital signage can boost sales volume by 80 percent.

Another 2014 infographic by Digital Signage Today indicates that 70 percent of adults made an unplanned purchase influenced by digital signage. This is also applicable to other service industries like spa and hairdressing.

Digital signage helps to keep your customers entertained and distracted while they are being served. Customers easily get bored at salons and beauty shops where there are no LED screens and other forms of digital technologies to keep them entertained.

And they are not likely to come back.


Help your customers help themselves

The hospitality industry is a perfect arbiter of the saying ‘first impression lasts longer.’Research shows that a new guest’s impression of a hotel is formed within 5 minutes of arrival.

Digital signage is your best shot at quickly presenting a myriad of welcome messages and vital information to a guest and thereby creating a positive and interesting image of the hotel in the mind of the person.

It is also a way of delivering entertainment and creating a relaxed atmosphere, right from the lobby to the guest room.

A Nielsen Digital Place-Based Video Report in 2013 indicates that 60% of guests will recall a Point of Sale digital signage ad, which is more than double the percentage for static signs.

Hospitality business is about comfort and ease. This is why 55 percent of travellers are more likely to visit a hotel that provides self check-in kiosks.


Smart people want to work in smart organisations

Communication is the life wire of any organisation. This is why corporate organisations are rapidly harnessing digital technology to improve and modernize employee communication. Your employees are the face of your business.It is important that they have a good understanding of the message and mission of your brand.

The McKinsey Global Institute report of 2012 finds out that improved internal communications increased employee productivity by 25%.

Digital signage is capable of improving the effectiveness of brand awareness by 47 percent. That is what your company should be looking at for more operational effectiveness.

Banking and Finance

The Digital “Branch” – Tomorrows Bank?

The banking and finance sector has been at the frontline of the use of digital media technology.A lot of transformation has occurred in that industry resulting in rapid growth and competitive advantage.

Coupled with unquenchable taste for digital banking, when customers enter banking halls, they like to be greeted with such ambience that defines class and taste.

Research shows that payment via digital omni-channels has soared from 60% in 2015. Banks are beginning to establish fully digital branches that require little or no staff presence.

The Future

The Digital Evolution

If you ever have to choose the best way to advertise your brand and products, digital advertising is your best shot. According to a 2010 study by Arbitron, digital signs in public venues reach a higher number of customers and better remembered than advertising on the internet or Facebook. Also 68% agree that digital advertising influences their decision to buy advertised product.A revolution is taking place. The world is fast changing. Customers’ perceptions are being realigned. Your business should be harnessing these opportunities. Digital media technology helps your brand flow effortlessly with the tide.