Consulting and Strategy

The business space is fast changing. Your business needs to evolve and meet the ever dynamic needs of your customers.

We will help you develop better performing operational models and work with you and your employees to ensure you understand how to deploy digital innovations to improve your business performance and competitiveness.

Our team of highly experienced professionals unearth insights that are suited to your business and operational needs and tailored towards creating optimal performance and increasing your market share.

Fueling Innovations

Innovations are the drivers of competitiveness.

We help you position your business to be able to create and explore innovative opportunities that will always place you ahead of your competition.

We develop marketing and customer experience innovations that serve as a stop point for consumers via various digital signage omni-channels e.g. engaging interactive content on display screens, Mobility devices, LED Technology, Holograms, Interactive self-ordering kiosks, and Point of Sale.

Creating Solutions

It is not good enough to have an idea. Ideas must be translated into workable actions.

We don’t leave you to it. We work with you every step of the way of your digital transformation journey to make sure the desired results are achieved through on-going project and implementation services, managed services, content creation, content scheduling as well as lifecycle support.

We facilitate and recommend the best of breed marketing content software and hardware solutions to ensure digital media is properly aligned to market trend and areas of growth.

Analytics and measurements

At In2Digital we believe that our clients must be able to measure the impact of the digital media technology deployed.

Our digital solutions include analytics. That means you are able to evaluate the success of your sales via the digital campaign.

Digital technology is changing the marketing landscape and increasing revenue for businesses. Research shows that at least 50% of customers will use 2 or more devices in their purchase. According to HMI Global report 64 percent of millennials prefer self-service. This is the future market. Your business needs to adapt and explore these opportunities. In the banking sector, payment via digital omni-channels has soared from 60% in 2015. The biggest transformation happening in the fast food industry is not about the food, it is about how the food is ordered and customer experience through digital media transformation. According to the US National Restaurant Association, 4 in 5 restaurant operators agree that restaurant technology helps increase sales, gives their restaurant a competitive edge, and makes their restaurant more productive. Also, 70% of customers prefer to use self-ordering kiosks.

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