Break the Limitation of Time and Space

Sparkle Dual Screen presents different contents on two sides at the same time with full-color HD supporting a highly clear display.

Ultra-slim design & Ultra-narrow bezel

The effective display area is maximized by 14mm thickness and 7.1mm bezel. In addition, 120°viewable angles lead to more comfortable reading.

Fast Refresh Supporting Diverse Marketing Strategies

Can refresh and display the free combination of word, picture, video, website and other files in 0.1s, meeting various strategy needs of marketing and advertising.

High Protection Rate Against Harsh Environments

Sparkle Dual Screen works normally between -20℃ to 50℃ with the scratch-proof composite panel, easily adapting to high-humidity and chilled environments.

Pioneering SaaS Cloud Platform for Global Use

Plug and play — ZKONG cloud platform does not require local installation. One platform can remotely monitor all ZKONG devices such as electronic shelf label and smart signage across stores.

Color Marketing Makes Imagination a Reality

Sparkle Dual Screen is equipped with a super-rich templates library which can be infinitely expanded, offering creative ideas beyond thoughts.
NFC function synchronizes online operations intelligently and keeps online and offline activities consistent. In the meanwhile, Sparkle Dual Screen supports a preset of colorful content, creatively realizing the vivid display.

Easy Installation, Multi-screen Display

Sparkle Dual Screen can be easily installed by simply pressing so that it gets rid of the wires’ troubles while consuming a low level of energy.
An entire view can be displayed on multiple screens jointly with high display consistency, letting your imagination be free from bezels.