In2digital brings to you the Dual Sided Samsung OMN-D Series 55”

  • Why get 2 Displays when one will do…
  • Samsung’s dual sided screen packs twice the digital punch….External to the street and internal to the store…
  • Attract and Dazzle your customers Instore with marketing and branding campaigns….
  • Deliver high quality information in store…Promotional offers
  • Commercially Rated 24/7 continue use incl of 3-year Warranty
  • Overlay information messaging, deliver high quality marketing programs the options are only limited by your Content Management System…
  • Your Digital options are limitless…

Need Content Management Advice…from simple to complex CMS we have the answer for you…

Want enhanced support options? In2Digital can assist you in delivering installation and project rollout services for all your digital signage requirements.

Take advantage of the current Government Instant Asset Tax Write-Off ($150K until 31 December 2020), there’s never been a better time to update your current signage to digital.


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* Installation and mounting solution not included.
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