Join the Digital Shelf Edge Revolution

In the retail industry, especially the chemists, supermarkets and hypermarkets, digital technology has become a huge differentiating factor and determinant of rising profit margins. This digital revolution is taking different dimensions and accommodating new innovations at every turn. Digital Shelf Edge Technology is giving retailers a new edge above their competition. Your business needs to enjoy this transformative innovation too.

While traditional static paper labels only serve one purpose (to inform customers of the price of goods) electronic Shelf Edge digital display serves numerous purposes which include pricing, nutritional information, video ads, coupons and promotions for various products. This will impact on different areas of your business, starting from improved customer experience, ease of operations, labor efficiency, to increase in sales and revenue.

4 Ways Shelf Edge Technology will transform your business

Influence purchasing decision

With 85% of shoppers decisions made at the point of purchase in front of the shelf, the product shelf is the most important non-human interface of the supermarket and retail industry. Your shelf needs to be interactive enough to cater to the purchasing needs of the customer.

Digital Shelf Edge technology engages the customer right in front of the shelf and arouse the shopper’s desire to touch, feel and own the displayed product, thereby achieving point of purchase conversion. This accounts for the reason 70% of responders in a recent survey by Digital Signage Today said they made an unplanned purchase after seeing a digital display.

Ease and reduce operational cost

Digital Shelf Edge Technology helps retailers to be more pro-active and enhance staff efficiency. A variety of pricing and sales campaign strategies can easily be experimented. Groceries can run a pricing initiative that conforms to the different buying habit of customers at different times of the day, group product offers and branding together, use images and videos for category and branding identifiers, style the label to suit the department, and highlight everyday low prices all in real time. Prices of perishables can easily be adjusted at evening to clear them off the shelf and advise staff on re-stocking when stock is running low on the shelf.

Instead of spending huge amounts of time and financial resources every week changing paper labels large groceries can easily adjust pricing through a central control system. This way you can promptly announce special promotions, implement pricing update across multiple stores, deliver coupon at the shelf and send messages to shoppers right at the point of purchase.

Increase in sales and revenue

Apart from its cost saving potential, the use of this technology will also increase revenue and profitability for retailers like supermarkets, chemists, and hypermarkets.

More than ever before customers make purchase decisions based on online reviews. Shelf Edge Display can help you close this gap between grocery stores and online shopping. You can provide other customers’ review of products at the shelf. Putting up a couple of reviews about each product will improve customers’ confidence in your store and increase sales.

With this technology you can also carry out product recommendations. As a customer picks a product from the shelf the technology will recommend complementary products or products that other users of the product also buy. This is an important feature of online shopping that can help to boost sales in a retail store.

Enhance customer experience

Electronic Shelf Edge Display is a point of decision addition to the on-going digital retail revolution. It helps infuse emotion in the shopper right in front of the shelf and create an irresistible interest in the product on display.

Electronic shelf-edge displays not only provide vital and real time information update, but also provide a personalized, sensationalized and seamless experience for shoppers. It is a viable addition to your omni-channel marketing. It takes product presentation to a whole new level. Helping to arrest passerby’s attention and transform onlookers into buyers.

Providing unlimited product information, prompt update on promotions, product reviews and product recommendations are great ways of improving customer experience and loyalty.

Key Business Benefits of Digital Shelf Edge

  • Point of Purchase Conversion
  • Give real time update on pricing and promotions
  • Deliver coupons to customers right at the shelf
  • Provide unlimited product information
  • Offer customers Product review at the shelf
  • Make product recommendation to customers while shopping
  • Eliminate huge spending on printing and changing paper labels
  • Increase staff efficiency and reduce labour cost
  • Send targeted contents to individual customers while shopping
  • Central control

Other terms for digital shelf edge

There are many different ways this technology is described and can be also known as

  • digital shelf edge
  • digital shelf label
  • digital shelf display
  • digital shelf signage
  • digital edge display
  • digital price tag
  • electronic price label
  • electronic price tags
  • electronic shelf label
  • electronic shelf edge
  • smart shelves

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