Digital signage doesn’t just highlight the presence of a physical outlet - it’s a vital part of an overall marketing strategy.

How did Opalia Plaza Shopping Center leverage our services to increase footfall?

In2Digital understands why there is such significance in creating digital signage that serves as the staple for the brand, where Opalia Plaza Shopping Center shares its story of our services.

Opalia Plaza Shopping Center, one of the region’s newest, exciting retail hubs, needed an innovative, turnkey solution to fulfill its traffic targets. The mantra of the outlet center was to provide a family-friendly, convenient shopping experience where digital signage would offer a seamless solution.

Our strategies delivered a combination of digital directories and signage expertly designed and installed with our strategic installation partner Innovateq around Opalia Plaza, ensuring that every customer’s experience was smooth. The placements doubled in promoting retail brands effectively inside the center, including directions to favourites such as Woolworth’s, KFC, Chemist Warehouse, and McDonald’s.

In2Digital’s signage solutions laid the groundwork for current and future signage needs. The strategy adapts to more urgent requirements such as information sharing, new developments, store changes, etc. Our state-of-the-art hardware paired with our industry-leading approach continues to make a success of Opalia Plaza Shopping Center’s footfall targets.