Adopting Modern Solutions - Transforming Experiences.

How upgrading to a digital menu interface allowed Anne’s Pantry to tap into digital technology and signage, creating a more enticing environment while complying to government food regulations effortlessly.

The business world has changed. However, many restaurants still cling to traditional, old-fashioned ways of running a business. Progressive companies like Anne’s Pantry have already embraced a modern digital business platform that streamlines their workflow, providing an improved customer experience while reducing operational costs.

Anne’s Pantry recently teamed up with In2Digital to transition to a complete digital platform. This involved upgrading to an all-digital menu system on the front end along with a full suite of supporting software on the back end for a comprehensive service infrastructure solution that enables them greater flexibility, speed to market for executing marketing promotions and updating menu bundled offers, and more.

Offering their customers a digital menu interface allows for faster service, introduce day parting offers, fostering an improved customer experience. Additionally, the transition away from physical menus improves the company’s environmental footprint by reducing carbon footprint every time the prices or product offerings change.

Other advantages to an all-digital service platform include the ability to up-sell customers directly at the point of sale, provide nutritional information, dietary options prior to ordering.

Improved customer service, reduced costs, enticing customers, and lowering environmental footprint all demonstrate how In2Digital helps companies like Anne’s Pantry step into Digital Transformation and benefit from modern digital platforms.