Electronic Shelf Solutions

Create a seamless store with electronic shelf solutions.

Bring a new, dynamic edge to your shelves by adding eye-popping digital labels that help pique customer interest and expand opportunities. Our electronic shelf solutions offer unlimited avenues to share pricing, promotions, branding, and more. Bring your product lines into the future, creating a buzz around your items and a more thrilling shop visit for your customers. Improve sustainability by avoiding printing labels physically. Save time, save hassles!

Electronic shelf solutions are an eco-friendly and sustainable solution. These ESLs reduce paper production as it is no longer needed to reprint paper shelf labels during price and product updates. As well as you have the flexibility to highlight product information relevant to consumers. The best part is that ESLs run on batteries having 5-10 years life, depending on the ESL model, thus helping in lowering a company’s carbon footprint.

Leverage the power of electronic shelf solutions in any retail or hospitality outlet, including supermarkets, warehouses, shops, and many more.

Newton – Make you shelves alive with new colour

Giving a premium and digitized look to wherever you choose to place it.

The real beauty of Newton is that it is customizable. You can incorporate your own, patterns and logo, enhancing your brand.

ESL is not just about replacing paper labels with digital labels anymore. It’s about price, information that helps improve your whole operation and customer experience. Newton ESL allows you to have a fully-automated operation for pricing and product information labelling all the while making shopping more convenient and interactive.

See our ESL's in action

AIMS Software – For ESL management, monitoring and integration

A modular architecture of AIMS+ makes it have a strong point in the integration with other store IT solution through rest API fast and easy.

Solum Newton is more than meets the eye

Newton is not just an innovative design, newton delivers extensive digital capabilities including supporting self-checkout via Near Field Communication and enhanced inventory management via location based services.

Sleek design

Newton comes in a sleek design and definitive look giving it a premium and digitized look to wherever you choose to place the ESL.

Newton ESL complements your products giving your shelves an upgrade.

Just the perfect sophisticated design that would suit any area of your store or operation.

Different screen sizes ranging from 1.6” to 13.3”

No need to make any compromise. With Newton, you can choose from different sizes ranging from 1.6” to 13.3” that covers almost all the current paper label sizes.

Longer Shelf Life

This is one of the features that differentiates Newton from Older ESL models.

Newton has 10 years of battery life in room temperature—allowing you to do more for a longer lifespan.*

It allows for more use of updates, more LED blinking, and buttons and even for tag positioning—without you having to worry about changing batteries for a long period of time.

*Depending on the number of updates and frequency of blinking per day.

More and Better Event Driven LEDs.

Newton has 7 bright and multi-color LED which can still be visible from a 180-degree angle.

This allows for easier product finding for your customers and your staff, re-stock indication, and identifying a different product or promotion category.

Multifunctional Buttons for increased functionality

For your operation, this means you can configure these buttons to be used to report on low stock on the shelf, and even notify a system failure.

For your customers, they can use this to change pages and call service help.

This allows for a more user-interactive usage. Plus, it improves the customer’s shopping experience as they can call for help with only a press of a button and they wouldn’t need to walk around to look for store staff!

Multiple Pages.

Newton comes with an upgraded page capacity of 7 with different layouts all with high-resolution displays.

No, we weren’t kidding when we said we want you to be able to do more with your ESL.

Near Field Communications

You can implement mobile payment with self-checkout, linking to a product information page, or getting a digital coupon with just a phone tap!

Convenience not just for the customers but for you and your staff as well!

Newton’s location-based system

Newton comes with its own label positioning system making it easier for managers, staff and shoppers to find the right location of a product.

The most cost competitive solution as it doesn’t need any additional infrastructure nor a different server.

This means it’s now easier for managers and staff to navigate which products need refilling and for shoppers to locate a product with their phones.

Fixtures and Accessories

We understand the importance of providing total solutions.

Working with leading Global Fittings suppliers to create an attachment for every scenario

Newton Gateway

SOLUM have renewed the gateway for the Newton product line-up. Newton’s implementation is now more cost-efficient.

* Has a very high level of capacity of 50K labels.

* The communication radius ranges to up to 30 meters or 98 feet. Connecting more labels in wider radius.

* New Label and Gateway load-balancing system. The number of connected labels to each Gateway will always be evenly distributed

* Newton’s digital numbering system gives it a modern and digitized look. This makes it easier for managers to identify the device by ID of the Gateway for their internal device management.

Label Monitoring System

ESL performance is one thing, but ESL management is another.

With the Newton dashboard, you can monitor the details of every label such as command progress, battery status, and RF signal strength, etc. Now you can track everything about your ESL.

Custom design

With Newton, you can incorporate your company’s colors, patterns, and even your company logo! Now, you can do more with your branding! Thinking of partnering with a brand? You can put their brand colors on these shelf labels! Or create your own custom label to reflect your brand!

How do these upgrades help you and your business?

Better operation. Better ROI

Inventory management is easier with Newton as you can easily track which items need refilling, rotation, or which items need to be re-ordered from suppliers. This way, you won’t ever over or understock, maximizing ROI and promoting better ROI calculation.

Dynamic pricing

Before, it was hard to implement price drops during business hours because of the updating time gap between a point of sale and a tag.

But with Newton’s speed, which is 10x faster than old ESLs, price markdowns or updates will be reflected in real-time.

This helps reduce food waste and maximize profit.

Better customer service

Users can flip the pages to check out other layouts or promos and call for help with just a click of a button.

After clicking the button, managers will receive an alarm and they can show a feedback letting the customer know that someone is on the way to help them.

Newton will give you and your customers a whole new retail and shopping experience.

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