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In the retail industry, especially the chemists, supermarkets and hypermarkets, digital technology has become a huge differentiating factor and determinant of rising profit margins. This digital revolution is taking different dimensions and accommodating new innovations at every turn. Digital Shelf Edge Technology together with Electronic Shelf Labels are giving retailers a new edge above their competition.

While traditional static paper labels only serve one purpose (to inform customers of the price of goods) electronic Shelf Edge digital display serves numerous purposes which include pricing, information, video ads, coupons, branding and promotions for various product lines. This will impact on different areas of your business, starting from improved customer experience, ease of operations, labor efficiency, increasing sales and profit.

The most dynamic and enjoyable way of displaying product information at the point of sale.

  • Full HD 1920*158 (23.1”) and HD 1366*200 (16.1”)
  • Video & image contents playing
  • Ultra-slim bezel
  • Easy CMS operation
  • Multi-device management via Cloud
  • Supports Android
  • Comprehensive display management with our instore digital signage

Shelf Edge Technology can speed up your store’s digital transformation and improve customer engagement instore.

Nowadays, retailers are utilizing digital strategies to enhance the customer experience with technology and digital services. This goes beyond just having an online store, as it involves transforming the physical shopping experience to create a seamless, omnichannel experience that integrates both the digital and in-store retail experiences

Key Business Benefits of how Digital Shelf Technology will transform your business

  • Reduced Staff Risk
  • Reduced customer Risk
  • Store capacity Management
  • Hands free Price changes (Hygiene) via central control system
  • Display Health information
  • Point of Purchase Conversion
  • Give real time update on pricing and promotions
  • Deliver offers to customers right at the shelf
  • Provide unlimited product information
  • Make product recommendation to customers while shopping
  • Reduce costs on printing and changing paper labels
  • Increase staff efficiency and reduce labour cost

Influence purchasing decision

Digital Shelf Edge technology engages the customer right in front of the shelf achieving point of purchase conversion. This accounts for the reason 70% of responders in a recent survey by Digital Signage Today said they made an unplanned purchase after seeing a digital display.

Ease of Use and reduction in operational cost

Instead of spending huge amounts of time and resources every week changing paper labels retailers can easily adjust pricing through a central control system. This way you can promptly announce special promotions, implement pricing update across multiple stores, deliver offers at the shelf and send messages to shoppers right at the point of purchase.

Increase in sales and Profit

More than ever before customers make purchase decisions based on online reviews. Shelf Edge Display integrated with digital signage can help you close this gap between retail stores and online shopping.

Enhance customer experience

Electronic Shelf Edge Display is a point of decision addition to the on-going digital retail revolution.

It is a viable addition to your omni-channel marketing strategy. It takes product and branding to a whole new level. Helping to arrest passerby’s attention and transform onlookers into buyers.

Digital Shelf Solutions available:

Available in 16.1 inch LCD display

Available in 23.1 inch LCD display

Supports Android Content Management Systems (CMS)

Full solution available from In2Digital

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End cap promotion, new product advertising, event promotion, product/price information etc.

Super & Hyper Market

23.1” Stripe LCD (Full HD 158*1920)

Franchise Store

16.1” Stripe LCD (HD 1366*200 )

Beauty Store

16.1” Stripe LCD (HD 1366*200 )

Samsung 37” Stretched LCD Toppers

  • Stretch display
  • Slim, Narrow Design
  • Non-Glare, High Brightness Panel for Improved Visibility
  • Display in Portrait or Landscape Mode
  • Resolution 1920 x 540 (16:4.5)

Interactive LCD Digital Shelf Technology

Help bridge the gap between the physical shopping experience and its digital counterpart.

Digital Shelf edge Interactive LCD Technology Solutions combined with electronic shelf solution maximises your investment..

Dynamic pricing, interactive digital media, and automated data monitoring – all of these technological advances by SOLUM combined with their Electronic Shelf solution has reinvented the world of beauty inside Douglas stores.

Click on the video and see how digital transformation aligns perfectly with Douglas’s DNA: to focus on providing beauty to the people.

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